The moral code has been broken

Since digital photography has become more popular around 2005, anyone with a point & shoot camera can call themselves a professional photographer, even though they are far from it.

There are many acute attributes that make up being professional photographer including: Technical camera skills, Tracy AlChayeb external lighting knowledge, posing & expert direction. Knowing where to be and where NOT to be, as to NOT BE OBTRUSIVE! Also, basic manners and etiquette from running your own business.

I didn’t realize the paparazzi were going to be at Plamann Park today? (Appleton Wi.) Talk about RUDE, PUSHY, MINDLESS PEOPLE!  A random female photographer almost took me out with her elbow as she backed into me while I was photographing an engagement session! She had NO CONCEPT of personal space or ETIQUETTE!  There is over 5 miles of trails and scenic vistas so why on God’s green earth did she have to crowd me? She literally was about 12 inches from my heels as she barked commands at the family she was photographing. My couple and her family all looked at each other puzzled as to why she as moving into our zone? If she has wanted to shoot there all she needed to do was communicate that to me in “words”! Or how about asking “hey when you’re done may I use this area”.  I thought to myself, did she just have a labotomy ?

The 8 other amateur photographers that roamed the park were all on top of each other like a mosh pit. None of them had any common sense or the decency to stay out of each other’s way! None of them had any logos or branding items with them and not one of them was dressed professionally which lead me to believe they were all amateurs.

Digital photography can be wonderful but the digital industry has also ruined the “professional” market. It seem that any person that buys a point & shoot camera considers themselves a Pro, even though most of have NEVER studied photography or do it for a living. This brings the industry DOWN because there are no more “standards”.

As a society we are taught manners and social skills. Why can’t adults practice these?  Let’s start with the basics – be Polite, say thank you, put others first! Wow, what a novel idea!

Although the leaf colors were stunning today in Wisconsin, I won’t be returning to Plamann Park. It was an uncomfortable hot mess of uncouth freelancers. It was unnerving how they just kept photobombing!! I wonder how long they will be in business… playing it so fast n loose?  In the words of Dug the talking dog from  Pixar’s movie UP  “Squirrel”.  That about sums them up!      ~ Namaste!