Our Story

In the beginning…

The company history first started with Heidi Lee of Heidi Lee Photography. Greatly influenced by her Father Bill who enjoyed photography & film making and her Mother Grace who excelled is sales & marketing, Heidi was surrounded by a love of art, travel, and photographic elements. From the age of 13, Heidi began working with a Mamiya 645 medium format camera. Heidi attended marketing school for 2 years and then started her first photography job at a local studio. Thereafter, Heidi traveled throughout the U.S. working for studios in Chicago and San Francisco gaining further experience.

The Mexico connection

Heidi had vacationed in Mexico and fell in love with the ocean, food, music and the gracious people. She decided to utilize her time by setting up shop in Cancun & Playa del Carmen throughout the winter, returning to the U.S for summer weddings.

While living in Mexico in 1997, Heidi met the “love of her life” and fellow artist Gerry De La Teja. Together they worked throughout the Mayan Riviera, San Miguel and Mexico City for nine years. In 2005 they tied the knot near their families winter home in Florida and decided to plan roots in Heidi’s home town of Appleton Wi.

Deciding it was time to combine the successes of Heidi Lee’s wedding photography and Gerry’s commercial photography, they evolved both businesses into the dream team of “De La Teja Studio”.


Team Teja

For more than 18 years, photography, art, and travel have been Heidi and Gerry De La Teja’s passions in life. The teamwork they have during photo shoots is unparalleled and is advantageous in their success at work and in their marriage. Heidi and Gerry see what others may not notice. They quietly shadow you throughout your day capturing whatever you reveal to them. The pursuit of excellence has taught them that by nature they are confident and exude a charismatic personality which carries them through any situation. They believe creativity is not a learned procedure – either you “have it”, or you don’t.

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Their extensive travels have given them an edge by working with people in an international environment. Heidi & Gerry advertise in different Bridal magazine each year including The Knot & Grance Ormonde in order to gather their international Brides. They also work with wedding planners in Europe to Mexico and are referred all over the globe! They believe in continuing their education in the world of ever changing photography & films that’s why they are members of the PPA. They urge their clients to step out of the box and try something new. Heidi and Gerry would like to invite you to experience what your eyes have yet to discover!