Destination Senior Session with Melissa ~ La Havana, Cuba

While touring the island of Cuba we stayed at an Air B & B in La Habana. During the week we met our wonderful neighbor Jenny. She noticed we were taking pictures and asked if we did Senior Graduation portraits. Jenny’s daughter Melissa was in need of having her high school graduation pictures taken. Their family was very curious to know all about us and where we were from in the U.S. (they loved Americans) We were delighted to step in and help. The Cuban people are the most generous and humble individuals I’ve ever met in all of my years of travel. After we met Melissa we were in awe of her natural beauty, fun loving spirit and blonde hair! Most people don’t know that Cuba is a blend of local islanders, black, and European since 1492. There are all walks of life there just as you would experience in any other big city such as Chicago. Melissa was very stylish and selected several modern outfits including her prom dress. We wanted to highlight Melissa’s true personality, her love of classic cars and the natural untouched beauty of La Habana. She selected a 1950’s look including a cropped pink sweater and hot pants to show off her youth and great tan from living in Cuba! We opted to shoot one hour prior to sunset for the best lighting. We covered the Malicon/ oceanside, nearby gorgeous abandon mansions, and the Melia Grad Hotel complete with a pink caddy. The longer we walked the more locations we found. I felt like a kid in a candy store! Any backdrop in Cuba is exquisite ~ overflowing with old world charm and packed with history. ┬áThe mise-en-scene to Melissa’s senior portraits resemble “Pirates of the Caribbean”! Melissa’s Senior experience was exciting, adventurous, and heartwarming. Thank you for choosing us Melissa for your Senior pictures. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your family. We also look forward to seeing you all on our next trip to La Habana Cuba. Salud!

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