Heidi Lee

Artist | Entrepreneur | Visual Storyteller

Thanks you for stopping by. Photography is more than a job, its my passion!! My experience behind the camera for the past 18+ years has given me both technical and artistic skills that builds upon my natural eye for details. As a well-traveled photographer, I thrive on the variety of working environments and subjects, which keeps my ideas and images fresh and captivating.

As an Artist I interpret the mood of the day, gracefully giving direction without anyone looking over-posed. My favorite media is still “film” over digital, particularly super contrasty / black & white (3200 speed slide film). I feel B/W draws your eye into the subject with less distractions. My fashion photography training in San Francisco reflects in my unique style today. I am more than a photographer...I am a director, producer, location scout, problem solver, and concierge just to name a few.

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Thanks to my Parents {Mom /marketing & Father /cinemtography} I’ve always had a natural confidence and fun-loving spirit that helps put my subjects at ease allowing me to capture honest emotion. I create a comfort zone and provoke a playful side allowing my clients to relax in front of the camera.I aspire for excellence, not settling for but striving to be better. My motto ~ Why follow when you can lead!


I was brought up old school by learning the art of photography on a medium format film camera. I worked at photo lab developing film, burning and dodging prints before photo shop existed. I was taught composition, lighting, and had to know my f- stops because there was no such thing as a digital back to preview images. All of my time and training over the past 18 years pushed me to become a better photographer.



Over the years I have been featured in ~ The Knot, Martha Stewart, Chicago Bride, & Grace Ormonde, La Novia, Wisconsin Bride and Wedding Wire. I understand all of the hard work and effort that goes into each and every image I create. I am detailed orientated and never overlook anything and I crave challenges never shying away from a demanding situation. There’s simply no substitute for experience and true talent when it comes to exceptional fine art wedding photography.


My Artistic Flow

My other passion includes cooking because it relaxes me. I enjoy creating exotic dishes for my husband and our close friends (because food = love) while listening to salsa & reggae tunes.  I’ve put together a collection of healthy dishes in my cookbook ~ The Goodie Bandit. I believe in the power of yoga, massage, and organic vegan cuisine for a healthy heart and soul. Three words that best describe me  ~ Ambitious, Enthusiastic and Dedicated!  

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On A Personal Note 

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My photography drives me, it’s what keeps me going all day until I hit the sack about 4 am or later. It’s the art of creating something new that gets me up in the morning. Aside from work I consider myself an adventure addict, from camping in Montana and skiing in Vancouver to scuba diving in Cozumel and zip lining in Costa Rica. I am a supporter of the Boy & Girls club of the Fox Valley as well as several animal rescue groups including New Pawasbility in Oshkosh Wi. I believe in being the voice for children and animals that cannot speak for themselves. There is always so much going on in my life…I’m truly charmed! 

Thanks for stopping by!