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Welcome Bodybuilders & Bikini Fitness Competitors

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Congratulations on sculpting your body into a piece of art! We want to preserve the way you look forever with a one of a kind fitness photo session! As passion driven artists we love what we do and listen to what is important to you so together we can create a one of a kind Fitness Experience! We are confident our style is like no other. If you are searching for extraordinary bodybuilding or bikini fitness photo art we promise to surpass your expectations and take your breath away! This is your time!


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5 Star Professional Service

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We¬†provide a¬†5 Star photo service¬†that is unsurpassed in it‚Äôs level of pampering and TLC! Everyone wants to feel beautiful, loved, and important‚Ķand you deserve it. Let us show you how with our signature fitness photo sessions!¬† Collections range from¬†$299 ‚Äď $2999. Once you clarify your needs we will structure a collection thats right for you.¬†We recommend a relaxed meet & greet at our¬†Appleton Boutique¬†to kick things off or a phone conference if you are out of town.


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Custom Sessions

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Our concept to fine art fitness photography starts with our signature lighting and artistic angles guaranteed to flatter your best assets. We offer a safe space that allows you to express your distinct personality without judgement including gentle direction to flatter all body types. We will empower you and improve your self confidence by celebrating your physique!




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We believe that Art is beautiful, timeless and powerful, and it’s the essential principle we inject in our signature bodyscapes & classic nudes. Our sessions reveal your provocative side through an abstract representation of your body. Our custom lighting blends and highlights your body into stunning abstract compositions, where nudity is secondary, and your gorgeous curves dusted with light and shadows, reveal your best assets in a way that no other art form can do.





Body Painting Photo Sessions

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If you are a looking for something out of the box¬†we invite you to try our one of kind¬†body painting¬†sessions. We will highlight your curves in a clean and classy way accenting your best assets! We are out to create compelling images in a way you‚Äôve never seen yourself before! Choose from one of our design ideas or tell us about yours…we’re out to create a masterpiece and you’re the canvas!!!


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On Location Sessions

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If you are a bodybuilder, bikini fitness competitor, personal trainer, athlete, or model searching for something out of the box, you’re in the right place! Fit sessions are¬†designed around your personality and can be taken at the city & location of your choice. We provide artistic images with our signature enhancements that will make a lasting impression. Let us know how we may help.




10 Reasons To Have A Fitness Photo Session

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  1. Treat yourself ~ A once in a lifetime gift to yourself to mark your age and the way you look at this moment!
  2. Surprise gift for your partner!
  3. Show off a new outfit, tattoo, or body enhancement!
  4. Celebrate a transitional time in your life ~ change of job, home or college graduation.
  5. Anniversary gift!
  6. Your Birthday ~ do it for yourself, you deserve to feel beautiful & empowered!
  7. Body painting is the latest in self expression and a once in a lifetime experience!
  8. Fitness Competition – You’ve worked hard dieting and working¬†out at the gym, this is your time!
  9. Celebrate being single!
  10. A Massive confidence boost! It’s time to indulge, be pampered and feel like a million bucks!


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