Door County Senior Pictures ~ with Maggie

We took our chances with Wisconsin weather in May and road tripped to Door County for this memorable modern teen shoot. Maggie was amazing to work with and mentioned she was” ready for an adventure”, and that what we created together! This magical photo experience started in Sturgeon Bay and continued though Baileys Harbor. We stopped at many of my hidden locations along the way. I feel lucky to live so close to the Door Peninsula and since my parents have had a cottage here for 30+ years I know the area like the back of my hand. I enjoy scouting unique locations each season to ensure my photo sessions are as different as the individual I’m photographing! Maggie had a great smile but I provoked a few other playful looks from her dazzling personality. We stopped for a fun and relaxed lunch at the Fish Market (splurged on cherry cobbler – LOL)  and shot until sunset. What a day! The final results are breathtaking thanks to Maggie’s willingness to climb cliffs, run barefoot thought the sand and traverse Lake Michigan where the sand bar ended (sorry about the wet feet). Thanks for being such a great sport and congrats! Maggie, you are beautiful… remember those amazing moments!


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