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We understand you have invested time, money and lots of love into your family. We feel the announcement of your pregnancy, the birth of your baby, the bonding of siblings, entrance into pageantry or celebration of a family reunion are all iconic events that call for professional Pictures.

We want to get to know you better in preparation for your family session! We promise to provide perfect lighting, angles, lots of TLC and confidence boosting direction to make your session a success! Together we will unveil your true personality to the camera and show your the most incredible images of yourself in a way you’ve never seen before!

Our Experience

As full time professional photographers we pride ourselves originality and give each client the De La Teja Experience which includes: 110% customer service, professional equipment and signature artwork!

We have photographed families for 18 years and feel its an extraordinary experience getting to know our clients; this allows us to focus on the authenticity of your personalities and tell your story!


The Goods

Our sessions include your choice of outdoor or studio session + flash drive of 4×6 digital proofs and a selection of artist enhancements. Some Collections include a Custom Italian Storybook and Fine Art Prints.



We are the memory keepers!


The key to our success is Passion! We simply love what we do and and offer a documentary approach to photographing families. We offer graceful direction allowing everyone to relax around the camera and thats when we capture the in between moments!  We encourage children to run around and be themselves, no tight structure and no forced poses or smiles!

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Love Notes

“Heidi and Gerry are world class family photographers! They have documented our family for 10 years and we would never go to anyone else. We met them at a wedding show 15 years ago and once we saw their work it was love at first sight! Even though I did not attend any of the weddings in their portfolio their images drew me in and I felt as if I was there. Every year Heidi and Gerry produce original photo art for our family including new locations, themes, props and photo enhancements- they keep surprising us! 

Heidi and Gerry took time to get down in the dirt with our kids, learn and remember their names and gave us breaks in between to relax and feed the kids! They treated us like FAMILY! Thanks to De La Teja Studio we have extraordinary pictures not only for us but for our Grandchildren to enjoy!  We are so grateful for finding Heidi and Gerry of De La Teja Studio!” Thank you for your photo magic!  ~ Erin


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We have been recognized for our outstanding photography in ~ The Knot, Grace Ormonde, Chicago Bride, Martha Stewart and Wedding Wire. We understand there are various photographers in the area, however many are inexperienced or part time hobbyist.  Why is it when a person buys a camera they automatically think they are a photographer but when you buy a piano, you just own a piano? (LOL)

Since you’ve waited your whole life to build your family why put the responsibility and pressure of documenting them into the hands of an inexperienced individual? If quality photography is at the top of your list we promise to surpass your expectations and deliver the Family Pictures of your dreams!

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Where words fail our imagery speaks! 

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We take time to get to know each child and family member, allowing everyone to become comfortable around the camera. We get down on the kids level ~ literally on the ground and interact with them. As artist’s we adjust to each child’s comfort level allowing your child to reveal their true personality! We guarantee a seamless photo session complete with breathtaking images you will pass down to your grandkids!


Photos that move your heart

There is more to being a photographer than owning a camera or clicking a button. We have a greater knowledge of camera settings, lenses and lighting techniques and are experienced at working with people, coordinating large groups and offer graceful direction to keep things moving. You only have one chance to get it right, call today to schedule your Family Session!


Fine Art Prints

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Following your session, we select the best images for retouching. We devote time to carefully compare 100’s of images from your session to select the best ones from each concept — based on facial expressions, posing, lighting, sharpness, and overall appeal. These final images are each individually processed and enhanced into a true work of art. You may also choose YOUR favorites after viewing all of the images, simply give us a call we’d be happy to enhance your favs.



Our Appleton studio provides a quite, cozy and safe environment for new borns & babies. Although we keep fun props on hand we appreciate moms bringing in their favorite items and outfits for their child ( we prefer not to repeat the same props each week)  If you prefer a fun outdoor session we have many unique locations in mind. We recommend bringing the following to assure a smooth session: 

  • A family member or close friend (someone your child connects with) that can help you with multiple children.
  • Baby’s favorite toys and treats (must make baby happy at all times). It’s all about baby!
  • Personalized props and clothing items. We love originality and we don’t want your images looking like last week’s baby.
  • Please schedule your session around baby’s nap time to assure baby’s happiest time.

 Pageant Portfolios

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Heidi & Gerry’s edgy and emotive fashion journalism/ pageantry photography has gathered them a multitude of international advertising campaigns for pageants. Comfortable with formal and candid photography, they always shoot from the heart; purposely avoiding stiff unnatural poses. As artists they feed off your energy enabling them to create art and the ultimate pageantry images!

Always the consummated professional, Heidi & Gerry’s unique visions and ability to put their clients at ease has added a sense of style to the subjects they document no matter what location you choose for your pageant portfolio. Heidi & Gerry love to travel and they don’t want to repeat what other photographers have done ~ Team Teja prides themselves on originality and want your pageant photos to be extraordinary!


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We look forward to working with you and capturing photographs that show off the true spirit of your family!