Heidi Lee

Artist. Entrepreneur. Visual Storyteller.



My passion for being behind the camera has professionally evolved over the past 18 years, giving me both technical and artistic skills that builds upon my natural eye for details. As a well-traveled photographer, I thrive on the variety of working environments and subjects, which keeps my ideas and images fresh and captivating. As an Artist I interpret the mood of a wedding, gracefully giving direction without anyone looking posed. My fashion photography training in San Francisco & Chicago reflects in my unique style today.  I am more than a wedding photographer…I’m a director, producer, location scout, problem solver, and wedding concierge just to name a few!

heidi gate bw 3    (This image taken at the Hotel Ana Catalina ~ San Miguel)

Thanks to my Parents I’ve always had a natural confidence and fun-loving spirit that puts my subjects at ease allowing me to capture honest emotion. I create a comfort zone and provoke a playful side allowing my clients to relax in front of the camera. Over the past 18 years I have photographed many weddings throughout Mexico & Europe from News Anchors, Professional Soccer Players and Actresses. There is no secret formula for my success. I’ve survived the past 18 years as a full time professional photographer due to my hard work, long hours, and persistence! I aspire for excellence, not settling for but striving to be better. My motto ~ Why follow when you can lead!


I was brought up old school by learning the art of photography on a medium format film camera. I worked at photo lab developing film, burning and dodging prints before photo shop existed. I was taught composition, lighting, and had to know my f- stops because there was no such thing as a digital back to preview images. All of my time and training over the past 18 years pushed me to become a better photographer. I feel that calling yourself a photographer means you have paid your dues, quit all other jobs and completely committed yourself to being a full time artist!


I have been featured in numerous publications including The Knot, Martha Stewart, Chicago Bride, & Grace Ormonde, La Novia, Wisconsin Bride and Wedding Wire. I understand all of the hard work and effort that goes into each and every image at a wedding. I am detailed orientated and never overlook anything. I craves challenges and never shy away from “a demanding client or situation. There’s simply no substitute for experience and true talent when it comes to exceptional fine art wedding photography.


My other passions include cooking because it relaxes me. I enjoy creating exotic dishes for my husband and our close friends (because food = love) while listening to my favorite music (salsa & reggae).  I’m working on publishing a healthy cookbook ~ The Goodie Bandit. I believe in the power of yoga, massage, and organic vegan cuisine for a healthy heart and soul. Three words that best describe me  ~ Ambitious, Enthusiastic and Dedicated!  

cover of cook book

Aside from work I consider myself an adventure addict, from camping in Montana and skiing in Vancouver to scuba diving in Cozumel and zip lining in Costa Rica. I am a supporter of the Boy & Girls club of the Fox Valley, the Fox Cities Preforming Art Center as well as several animal rescue groups including Pawasbility in Oshkosh Wi. I believe in being the “voice” for children and animals and helping in any way I can. 

  My Aspirations

DSC00344_pp 2 sz

My dream is be to open a wedding super dome in my home town of Appleton Wi. It would feature a high rise modern hotel, lush gardens and indoor domed ceremony site for winter weddings, theme rooms and of course a luxury pre-bridal suite for the ladies, day care services for the kids, full spa / salon and underground heated parking!  I would  love to offer Midwest Brides the same services that big city Brides get and more!

Bucket list

paroquia night fav

My photography drives me, it’s what keeps me going all day until I hit the sack about 4 am or later. It’s the art of creating something new that gets me up in the morning. I feel I’m in tune with the universe on a deeper level than most and appreciate what I have every day!

I’ve made a bucket list that includes photographing my way around the globe…starting with climbing the stairs of Machu Picchu, swimming the hot springs of Uunartoq Greenland, holding a baby panda in China and road tripping in an old V.W van on the Pan American Highway to Patagonia just to name a few. In order to have my Brides “get to know me better” I’ve decided to share my list.

Favorite meal ever~ Chile Rellenos San Miguel Mexico / fav dessert ~ anything lemon
Favorite hobbies ~ skiing, hiking, Independent movies, road trips, & salsa dancing
Favorite music ~ Anything danceable: Salsa, swing, reggae, & techno
Favorite actors ~ Christopher Walken & Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite movie ~ The Bird Cage/ TV series ~ Arrested development / Fav book ~ Night Circus
Favorite city ~ San Miguel / Fav beach ~Tulum / fav time of day ~ sunset
Favorite weather ~ Fog or downpour / favorite emotion ~ laughing so hard I cry
Favorite color ~ Citron / favorite flower ~ snap dragon / fav element ~ water
Favorite memory ~ Watching a electrical storm roll in over the ocean while sitting on the beach in Cancun with my husband Gerry.

Thank for stopping by!