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De La Teja Studio are your modern day storytellers. As professional full time artists we love what we do and put our creativity and passion into each storytelling wedding film! There is an Art to what a professional film maker does compared to what a non professional simply does not know. Along with our professional editing team we sort all of your footage, taking it apart like a puzzle and putting it back together using the best pieces.

As artists we give you professional advice, graceful direction and keep things moving so you never feel stiff or over posed. We produce memorable wedding films that will make your parents proud, your friends a little jealous but mostly blow your mind! You may customize your collection based on the number of hours requested. Wisconsin Collections start at $2500 and once you clarify your needs we will structure a collection that’s right for you!

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Pro service vs uncle Bob

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Would you make your own dress if you weren’t a seamstress? Would you create your own wedding cake if you weren’t a pastry chef? Non professional videographers (friends, relatives, or Uncle Bob) tend capture the floor, and backs of heads with extreme shakiness but most of all they tend to miss many important moments. If you have ever watched a hand held movie on the big screen it’s simply enough to make you sea sick. Novice videos are usually captured in “auto mode” making them super bright one moment and dark the next without any color balance, leaving you with a hot mess to remember your big day!

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We’ve got YOU covered! 

Weddings go by so fast it’s almost impossible to remember every detail, it’s surreal!  Since you can’t be everywhere at once, so we feel a wedding film is essential to remember your day and to be passed down through the generations!  When you sit down for dinner and scan all of your amazing guests, remember you will never have all of those wonderful people together in the same room again. Once the cake & wine are gone all you have left to remember your big day will be your wedding film.


The professional difference starts with a great team of artists. Our first shooter is always with the gals for pre-bridal, second shooter stays with the guys, while the third shooter is absorbing candids, details, and interviews with guests. As professional film makers we don’t just turn the camera on, we compose a perfect shot, like in a love. We understand positioning, lighting and placement. You’re not just paying for the ability to place a finger on the trigger, you’re paying for the years of experience it took them to create a professional wedding film!

What to expect


  • Your Film will be edited to the “best” footage about 40 to 60 min run time
  • 2- 3 artists using DSLR professional HD cameras  (Including the latest technology in slider tracks, jibs, RC, and fly cam)
  • Personal interviews & B-roll coverage of scenery, guests, and décor.Post-production includes: seamless scenes edition, animated titles, subtle effects and filters (optional vintage segments including B&W or sepia tones), and client’s music choice.
  • Your DVD will include chapter markers for easy viewing.
  • All Collections include a “Movie Trailer” of the best footage to share with guests on FB!

If you have any special requests just ask, we’re here to help!

Where words fail our films speak

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We have been recognized for our outstanding wedding videography in ~ The Knot, Grace Ormonde, Chicago Bride, Martha Stewart and Wedding Wire and advertise between the U.S and Mexico. We understand there are various videographers in the area, however many are inexperienced or part time/ freelance. Would you entrust a part time Doctor to preform an important procedure or a builder without experience to construct your home?

Since you’ve waited your whole life to get married why put the responsibility and pressure of documenting the most important day of your life in the hands of an inexperienced individual? If quality wedding videography is at the top of your list we promise to surpass your expectations and deliver a wedding film of your dreams! We hope our storytelling wedding films hit your heart!



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1.  You can’t buy experience. Heidi & Gerry have been working in the professional wedding photography industry for over 18 years.

2.  Heidi & Gerry offer an extensive portfolio both on line & in studio from local to destination events.

3.  References ~ Heidi & Gerry cover dozens of weddings a year and have an extensive wedding photography reference list available upon request.

4.  Gear ~ Team Teja carries 3 professional Canon cameras per artist plus a wide assortment of pro lenses & external lights.

5.  Staff ~ Heidi & Gerry work with 1 or more  “2nd shooters” for maximum coverage plus an assistant to help carry and set up lights.

6.  De La Teja Studio holds a professional wedding photography business license and only works with a signed contract.

7.  De La Teja Studio wedding photography is fully insured!

8.  Heidi & Gerry believe in 110% customer service. They take care of their Brides before, during & after the wedding!

9.  All films are edited with music and special effects.

10.  Heidi & Gerry’s goal is to capture honest emotion and produce a wedding film of your dreams!

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