Heidi Niesl

“There are always two people in every photograph – the photographer and the viewer.” – Ansel Adams

Heidi Niesl began her career as a graphic artist after graduating from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in 2005. While working as a professional designer and printing specialist, Heidi collaborated with Heidi Lee on several print and photographic projects. After the high level of success of these projects Heidi began an internship with De la Teja studios where she worked directly with both Heidi Lee and Gerry, perfecting her skills as a photojournalistic wedding photographer over the years.

Today, Heidi excels as one of De la Teja studio’s main shooters. Her knowledge of graphic arts and her love of photojournalistic photography make her the photographer she is today. While being extremely driven and hardworking, Heidi never loses sight of having fun. She treats every wedding as a unique and individual event, and doesn’t miss a beat as she documents every detail of your special day.